How our new local private GP is responding to life during Covid.

None of us can be certain how daily life will change post Covid-19.  However, one thing does look certain – there’s likely to be a considerable change in the ways that GPs practice.

Local doctor Amun Kalia works both in the NHS and as a private GP.  We caught up with him to find out why patients have found using a private GP so useful during the crisis and how he thinks things will change post Covid.

How has Covid changed the way you practice?


I work two days a week in an NHS surgery in Surbiton and the difference between last January and now is huge. There are no waiting rooms full of patients, we’re using phone triage and most consultations are now done via video call. 


It has meant that we can see more patients and reduce wasted visits to the surgery, but in my opinion, nothing can be safer or replace a face-to-face consultation. 


Everyone knows NHS GPs have been struggling for years with their workload so I view the changes – which are very likely to continue post Covid - as broadly positive but I’m extremely lucky to be able to mix my NHS work with private work where I can spend more time with patients.
What sort of patients use your private service?


It’s people from all walks of life really. The main thing they have in common is the desire to be seen quickly and conveniently, to have the option to be seen face-to-face (with video and telephone available if they prefer) and to spend a good amount of time in a consultation with me and ultimately not feel rushed.


I can also offer incredibly quick referrals to the best specialists, medications delivered to your door and a six-hour turnaround on some blood tests including COVID antibody testing.


Some of my patients use their private insurance to cover the costs but others choose to self-fund.
Do your patients tend to come as a one-off or do you have patients you see regularly?


A bit of both. Some people come to me for one specific problem – perhaps a COVID swab test/travel certificate, an antibody test, an acute medical issue or a second opinion– and others come to see me regularly.


I find that many of my patients like having the continuity of having someone who knows them and their medical needs. 


It’s general practice as it used to be many years ago where you were able to see the same doctor each time and this allows me to build up a real rapport with my patients. 


My patients appreciate my honesty and friendliness and I always look to put them first.
Why are you based in Barnes?


I live in Barnes and went to school here (St Paul’s), I even did my GP training at Glebe Road. I have been working combining my NHS GP work with private visits for the past year but now I’ve really put down roots by basing myself in a consulting room at The White Hart Clinic. My new set up has been established for a month now and it’s going really well.
Describe a typical day?


There’s no such thing, it’s one of the best things about my job. Apart from when I’m working in the NHS, I’m based in The White Hart Clinic in Barnes.


I’m dual-trained in Occupational Medicine and carry out work for corporate clients as well as working for a health insurance company.


I still continue to carry out my home visits which I very much enjoy! Despite this, I’m always available for face to face appointments often on the day or with only a day’s notice at a convenient time including Saturdays.



•    CQC registered & certified with the GMC and a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.
•    Appointments last 30 minutes and cost £120 including prescriptions and referrals.
•    He offers COVID Swab tests and travel certificates (£189) with results back within 48 hours.
•    Covid antibody tests £99 on a drawn blood sample - the most accurate way of testing, results within 6-8hrs. 
•    Vaccinations including travel as well as a full complement of primary care services such as sexual health screening, women’s, men’s and paediatric care also available. 
•    Overseas patients and those not registered with the NHS are also cared for as well as specialist treatments offered such as chicken pox and HPV vaccinations as well testosterone replacement and hayfever injections.
•    Home visits and video consultations also continue to be available. 

For more information on Coronavirus testing click here.


  • Coronavirus Antibody Blood Test £120

  • Coronavirus Throat Swab Test £189 

  • Clinic Consultations £120 
    30 minute appointments  @ White Hart Clinic, 10 White Hart Lane, Barnes, SW13, referrals & prescriptions included


  • Telephone and Video Consultations £120

20 minutes appointments, referrals & prescription included

  • Vaccinations and Blood Tests from £20
    in addition to consultation fee

  • Extended Consultations £40
    for each further 15 minutes

  • Home Visit Consultations from £180

30 minute appointments, referrals & prescriptions          included

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Call during clinic hours: 

Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 8:00

Friday 8:30 - 6:30

Saturday 9:00 - 4:00

T: 0208 876 9897  (Reception, call to book appointments only)

For all clinical enquiries including COVID testing please message me using the form below or WhatsApp and I will respond ASAP


Dr. Amun Kalia

White Hart Clinic

10 White Hart Lane

Barnes, London

SW13 0PY

30 minute face to face appointments

Out of hours and home visits available

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